Connect Your Affiliate Accounts to Funkeyads Connect Your Affiliate Accounts to Funkeyads

APi compatible with hundreds of Networks

centralized offer search centralized offer search

Browse and filter through the offers available to you from all your affiliate account in one dashboard.

easy campaign setup easy campaign setup

Easily setup campaigns to promote your offers without having to deal with copy and pasting affiliate links or setting up ad-network parameters

No conversion Pixels required No conversion Pixels required

With API compatibility there is no need to setup complicated conversion pixels. Funkeyads will continuously import your conversions and pair them with your tracked events.

Advanced tracking & Optimization Advanced tracking & Optimization

Accurately track your visitors journey into your landing pages, websites and ad-funnels while Funkeyads will do the heavy lifting of calculating the value of your ad-triggers.

Your first 5000 tracked events every month are free

Get a Free Tier Account

We have worked passionately to deliver the ultimate advanced analytics performance tracking solution for online marketer. We are providing you with a free tier account because we believe we can help you grow your business with a FunKeyads account paving the way.

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