Funkeyads is a plug and play centralized solution for tracking, managing & optimizing your advertising.

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What is Funkeyads?


Funkeyads imports & centralizes ad-spend and revenue data from your ad accounts and provides AI optimization capabilities at scale

Centralizing Data

Optimizing Data

Ad Spend Import

Ad-spend centralized into one dashboard

Revenu Import

Conversions paired to their triggered ad-spend

Fast navigation through your advertising data


AI optimization calculating the value of every goal, campaign and attribute


Automate back to your ad accounts the value of your optimized bids 

An interface That Works For You


Navigate through all your advertising performance intuitively & efficiently

Who is Funkeyads For?


Any size advertiser seeking to increase profits with less manpower


Optimizing your advertising at scales can't be achieved by humans. Funkeyads will cut the manpower you need by 90% while keeping advertising performance transparent to your entire organization.


An agency can manage multiple Funkeyads accounts from one master account. Controlling who sees and edits what with multi level privileges. Integration is plug and play .


We provide affiliates with the easiest way to manage their marketing yield with integrations to hundreds of affiliate network like clickbank,  maxbounty, clickdealer.

The ammount of time our company once wasted logging in and out of ad accounts was a catastrophe that achieved nothing. With Funkeyads not only can we see but the value is calculated for us. After raising the bar to this level there is no going back. it is 2020 and you should expect nothing else.
Marcus Badoglio
Before using Funkeyads it was a mess. We had to to combine so many systems in order to get some kind of Centralized view of our advertiser's accounts. To think how proud we were. Now we see and control all our Advertiser accounts from one interface. Essentially Funkeyads is importing data from hundreds of ad-network sources into one dashboard and optimizing it. I can't recommend this enough
Anna Sfardie
Agency Account Manager
I personally use RTX platform and Propel media directing traffic to 100 offers from 7 different affiliate networks account. Everything from campaign setup to optimizing to bid automation is done within Funkeyads. It is my business. Genius!!!!! There is no replacement.
Dror Rabin
Super Affiliate
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Start With a Free Plan

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FREE Per Month
  • 200,000 Tracking events
  • 2 X Affiliate Network API Integrations
  • Ad-spend import
  • AI Optimization
  • Ad-Automation


3% ad-spend
  • Unlimited Tracking events
  • Unlimited Affiliate Network API Integrations
  • Ad-spend import
  • AI Optimization
  • Ad-Automation


5-10% ad-spend
  • Unlimited Tracking events
  • Unlimited Affiliate Network API Integrations
  • Ad-spend import
  • AI Optimization
  • Automation

Pricing FAQ

Your tracker is in charge of receiving http requests which cause it to redirect incoming traffic and log events such as pixel conversions. Every http request sent to your tracker is counted as a tracking event.

We strongly believe that click tracking without combining imported ad-spend and algorithmic optimization is counterproductive to advertising profitability. With the “Optimize and Automate” plans you get unlimited tracking events. If you require pricing for a pure tracking solution for sources other that ad-networks please contact us through the chat widget.

YES! Sign up and you will be importing your ad-spend within 5 minutes from now. Funkeyads is a scalable solution for ad-spend optimization. Both beginners and corporation can benefit from the platform.

Great Question! First sign up for a free tracking account. Your optimize or automate plans start a month after you enter an ad-network API key. These plans are activated per ad-network you provide an API key for

Your first 200,000 tracked events every month are free

Get a Free Tier Account

We have worked passionately to deliver the ultimate advanced analytics performance tracking solution for online marketer. We are providing you with a free tier account because we believe we can help you grow your business with a Funkeyads account paving the way.

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